Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post 27

How to Grow Up (List in Progress)

Stack the dishes in the dishwasher any way you want.
Wear a collared shirt without being asked.
Go for a late night walk.
Read the second and third pages of the newspaper.
Write thank-you notes.
Groan as you sit down; exhale as you get up.
Join LinkedIn.
Break up.
Drink coffee.
Complain about not getting enough coffee.
Put away the Magic Cards.
Use the word "debacle."
Put on your own band-aid.
Become part of the gridlock.
Listen to talk radio.
Get film developed.
Sleep with your arm on/under someone else.
Make eggs for breakfast.
Apologize without being asked.
Have an incompetent boss.
Watch a movie that won't make you laugh.
Eat dinner alone.
Comfort your parents.
Tend a garden.
Practice an instrument without being asked.
Smile at babies.

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