Monday, November 25, 2013

Glossary of Dramatic Wall-Breaking

Breaking the 4th Wall: character addresses audience

...the 5th Wall: character addresses playwright

6th Wall: playwright addresses audience

7th Wall: character addresses actor portraying character

8th-11th Walls: same as above, but for play-within-a-play

12th Wall: usher addresses audience member

34th Wail: Usher addresses rowdy audience member

i'th Wall: character's imaginary friend addresses audience

Berlin Wall: playwright addresses European political strife

69th Wall: character's genitals address audience

Glass Wall: character addresses gender inequality

Facebook Wall: online brand addresses creator

Basement Wall: playwright passive-aggressively addresses mother's suggestion he find real job

Pay Wall: character addresses audience without audience paying subscription fee

44th Wall: blogger addresses audience. Hey guys.

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